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Le Colonial: Where French and Vietnamese Flavors Come Together Since 1993

Discover Le Colonial Delray Beach, a culinary haven that skillfully captures the seductive spirit and vibrant flavors reminiscent of Saigon in the 1920s. Revered as "an escapist's paradise," this renowned French-Vietnamese gem not only offers a journey through exquisite cuisine but also transports guests to a bygone era of romance and soft architecture.

Nestled along the lively stretch of Atlantic Avenue, the 7,000-square-foot Le Colonial is a seamless blend of lush indoor and outdoor spaces, adorned with palm fronds. The ambiance pays homage to the iconic scenes of 1920s Saigon, creating a dreamy sequence reminiscent of a classic seaside home. The result is an exquisite setting that imparts a cool, breezy, and effortless vibe, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

Co-owner Joe King and Founder Rick Wahlstedt bring romance and immaculate vibes to the bustling strip of Atlantic Avenue, embodying the essence of Le Colonial. Their goal with the Delray Beach location is clear – to create something special for South Floridians. The distinctive vibe, evoking a relaxed yet buzzy beachfront town square, is a testament to their excitement about being part of and partnering with the community. Le Colonial aspires to be more than just a restaurant; it aims to be woven into the memories of friends, neighbors, and visitors alike.

Beyond the captivating ambiance and rich history, Le Colonial Delray Beach is committed to sourcing ingredients locally. With partnerships with locally owned farms, the restaurant ensures the freshest, highest quality ingredients for their flavor-bursting fare. This not only results in a delightful culinary experience but also reflects Le Colonial's dedication to supporting local communities.

In essence, Le Colonial is not just a place to enjoy exceptional French-Vietnamese fusion cuisine; it's a haven where time seems to stand still, and the values of community and sustainability are woven into every aspect of the dining experience. Join them in the celebration of vivid flavors, nostalgic ambiance, and a commitment to local communities at Le Colonial Delray Beach.

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